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Nemesis III New Scuba Diving Wreck in Cyprus

Nemessis 3 leaving harbor on december 20, 2013View from Bridge Nemessis III before sinkingSurvival Sports from Nemessis III upper deckNemessis 3 in Larnaca commercial port
Nemessis III arrived at the sinking place to become the 2nd diving wreck in CyprusWatching the sinking of the Nemessis III from a safe distanceNemessis III sinking to final destination in ProtarasNemessis III is the second artificial scuba diving wreck in Cyprus
Nemessis III sinking in front of Crystal Springs Hotel in ProtarasNemessis III Limassol Registration 708132Cyprus promotes scuba diving with artifical wrecks such as the Nemessis 3Nemessis III becoming an artifical reef in Cyprus
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