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NAUI Specialty Scuba Diver

NAUI SPecialiyu Diver CyprusExplore or master new diving interests.  Learn what it takes to participate in specialized activities.  You choose the aspects of diving that interest and benefit you the most!  You can even request a course that exactly meets your needs.


Course Requirements:

NAUI SCUBA DIVER (Open Water) certification required. 

Available courses include:

Below are just some of the more popular courses available to you as a certified scuba diver. Read on...there's bound to be a NAUI course that's just right for you!

  • Night,
  • Underwater Environment,

  • Hunting & Collecting,
  • Search & Recovery,
  • U/W Photography,
  • Training Assistant,
  • Wreck Diver,
  • Dry Suit,

and more...



The courses listed above are only some of the more popular NAUI Specialty and Recognition courses available. Contact your local NAUI Dive Center to learn more about the dozens of specialty courses that can help you expand your diving experience and enjoyment. 

Your next step in your diving Eductation:


 Your next step in your diving Eductation:

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