• Silva compass 123 model 1-5


    Silva compass 123 model 1-5
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Silva compass 123 model 1-5

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    Silva compass 123 model 1-5

    Silva 1S-360 JET is a competition compass with a large magnifying lens. The fast and extremely stable Jet-needle ensures professional performance.

    The compass features a specially constructed capsule, with the focus on quick dampening in combination with stability while running.

    A wide and straight needle in fluorescent colour provides easy and fast map reading.

    The special magnet in combination with dampening plate on the needle give optimal orienteering features.

    With over 70 years experience manufacturing compasses, we€re certain Silva can provide you with the right choice for your needs. When you€re trying to beat the clock, there€s no time to waste figuring out what your compass is saying. Whether orienteering, adventure racing or another competitive situation, you can rely on Silva€s Race Series: stable, easy to use, and easy to read. Survival Sports ship worldwide.


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