• Ledlenser Torch MT18 black box


    Ledlenser Torch MT18 black box
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    • In stock! Sports equipmeent Cyprus Ledlenser Torch MT18 black box

    Survival Product Code: LEDTORCHMT18500847

    Ledlenser Torch MT18 black box

    Hunt down the darkness.

    With the brightness and ease of use of the MT 18, this high-lumen flashlight wins over hunters, campers and fishers alike: Thanks to its rapid focus, you can focus it using just one hand and it can even be positioned it vertically on the floor due to its flat end cap. The strong battery can be charged via USB 3.0 and has a quick charge feature.

    The darkness doesn?t stand a chance against you.


    Max Lumen: 3000 lumen
    Other Lumen: High: 3000 lumens (5h) Mid: 600 lumens (9h), Low: 30 lumens (96h)
    Beam Distance: H: 540m, M: 260m, L: 80m
    Bulb Type: 3x Xtreme LEDs
    Weight: 620g (Including battery)
    Length: 171mm
    Battery Type: Li-ion Battery, 3.7V
    Waterproof: IPX4
    Charge Time: 8h


    • Advanced Focus System
    • Smart Light Technology
    • Rapid Focus
    • Temperature Control (Working temperature: -20c - +40c)
    • X-Lens Technology
    • Speed Charging (80% after 240 min, 100% after 480 min)