Spearfishing - The silent Hunter

The secrets to Spearfishing and Freediving is breath hold. As you discover these secrets they will lead to a more enjoyable time discovering our coastal waters in Cyprus. Taking Freediving courses will aid in a much safer practice of this style of diving at the same time of showing you all the opportunities that you may have been missing out on. For more information contact Marios today.

As we use a single breath in freediving, the correct equipment is very important to help your body achieve the best results. If your equipment is fitted incorrectly it can lead to uncomfortable dives, giving you less time underwater enjoying yourself.

When selecting your spearfishing equipment you should get advice from a specialist or other competent divers in the sport. Also make sure that you'll always find spareparts for your speargun.

As a responsible spearfisher in Cyprus, respect local spearfishing regulations and make safety a high priority 



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