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Diving Equipment

Diving Equipment

Flori Georgescu - Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Choose your Diving equipment

The diving equipment you are using is essential to your safety during your SCUBA dives. You may rent your equipment at the beginning but once you become a certified diver you'all want to own you personal SCUBA equipment instead of renting it. Purchase only diving gear that fits exactly your body and corresponds to your personal use (wetsuit vs drysuit, or single 12l cylinder vs double 15l or 300bar cylinders, etc).

Scuba Diving equipment can be divided into the following categories:

Your protection:

Boots, Suits, Gloves, Hoods

Swimming underwater:

Masks, Snorkels, Fins

Breathing underwater:

Tanks, Regulators, Octopus

Underwater boyancy

Weights & belts, BCD

Control your dive:

Dive computers, Consoles, gauges

All the other stuff that make a dive safer or more enjoyable

Accessories, Knifes, Bags, Torches


Interactive Dive equipment infographic:
Click on any of the category pictures below and discover the dive equipment we propose

Diving equipment from Survival Sports Cyprus

Be aware of good quality, reliability is even more important in diving as you depend on it in the deep.

The cheapest deal is not always the best! Get professional advice, there's nothing more frustrating than a leaking mask.

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