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Mil Tec Cap Quick Dry


Quick Dry Cap winter beanie

Warm, yet thin at the same time.

Fits under the helmet.

Double layer on sensitive point

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Winter beanie cap made of quick-drying material.

It protects the head from heat loss, yet is thin enough to not interfere with wearing a helmet or headsets on it, such as active headphones.

It will work well on duty, at the shooting range and in other activities such as hiking, running, biking, skiing and more.

It is made of durable polyester fabric that is low-absorbent and abrasion-resistant.

It is woven so that it has special channels for wicking excess heat and moisture to the outside. 

It has double-layer fabric reinforcements in areas particularly prone to abrasion and heat loss, such as the ears, forehead and occipital.


  • Winter cap made of quick-drying fabric
  • Warm, yet thin and lightweight
  • Texture with channels that wick away excess moisture and heat to the outside
  • Double layer of fabric in sensitive areas: forehead, occipital and ears
  • Does not interfere with wearing a helmet or headsets

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