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Beuchat Harness Quick Release System


One-handed quick-release system
Very low buoyancy
Up to 8 kilos of ballast
Extra comfort
Designed for safety
Single size adaptable to all body shapes

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One-handed quick-release system
Harness released by opening a single buckle
Quick-release buckle designed to be operated wearing gloves and with one hand
Rear locking mechanism on belt designed to open during release

Very low buoyancy
Shape and materials specifically designed to afford minimum buoyancy and allow the ballast to function efficiently
Neoprene used as little as possible and only where strictly necessary
Use of fabric

Harness designed to carry up to 8 kg of ballast

Extra comfort
Ballast distribution to optimise comfort and mobility:
– Two 2 kg bottom pockets
– Four 1 kg pockets

Extra tough
• 840-denier PVC-coated canvas for high resistance to wear (even in contact with the ground)

Increased safety for spearfishers
Orange distress whistle attached to the vest
Integrated knife holder
The safety aspect is even more apparent in the Spot model. Beuchat Spot marking is designed to ensure that spearfishers remain visible to their partners on the surface.

One size only with 3 colours to mix and match
Single size with adjustable shoulder straps (excess strap secured by elastic)
3 colourways: black, Spot, X-Ray Camo

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