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Carbon Dive Tank 300 Bar

Scuba Carbon Tank Carbon dive. Working pressure 300 bar. Single tank with valve.

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Scuba Carbon Tank Carbon

The CARBONDIVE 300 dive cylinders are made of a steel block encircled by a carbon fiber. The carbon resistance allows a working pressure of 300 bar.

Since the thickness of the steel is lower, carbon bottles weigh about 30% less than another bottle of the same volume.

dive. Working pressure 300 bar. Single tank without valve.

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10 L, 12 L, 6.8 L




CarbonDive tanks provide a service pressure of 300 bar - almost 40% more air than a typical tank. Thanks to the carbon shell wrapping each CarbonDive cylinder it ensures that your tank will be much more resistant than a normal cylinder and a lot easier to handle, be it on land or underwater, due to how much less each tank weighs!


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